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Dead Ringer
Rose Bruford College

Directed and Designed by Oliver Hymans Devised and Performed by Students from Rose Bruford College
Performed at The Barn Theatre, 2021

Oliver was invited to direct third year students from the BA European Theatre Arts course at Rose Bruford for their end of degree Kantor Project.


Dead Ringer was an exploration of the principles that create the Uncanny [ger. Unheimlich- familiar, yet strange and frightening] through the fusion of Puppetry, Augmented Reality and Kantor's concept of Double/ Doppelgänger. 

The ensemble, led by the knowledge and skills of renowned puppet designer and director Oliver Hymans devised an original piece investigating the nature of the soul, its transmission and Death.

The puppets created by the cast invited the audience for a journey towards that which is hidden and ephemeral. To look into a mirror, gaze into their reflection and see what we are most afraid of within ourselves

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