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How A Kite Flies
Directed by Ben Gough
Voice of Puppet Ian Mckellen
Director of Photography Darren Bragg
Producer Jemilah Findlay
Puppet Designer/Puppeteer Oliver James Hymans
Editor Chris Wilson
Music LmK Music Production
Audio Post-Production Wave Studios
Post-Production Freefolk

How a Kite Flies is a comedy-drama about how a washed-up kite found again the joy to live.


Voiced by Sir Ian Mckellen, Oliver's kite puppet is the protagonist. For the short, Oliver worked alongside director Ben Gough to design the puppet and also to act as puppeteer on the shoot.

The film was one of four finalists in the 2017 short film competition 'Homespun Yarns' run by Homespun, a music and shorts editing company. 

Whilst the film is being entered into film festivals in 2018, you can watch the final cut online from this link here.

Ian Mckellen with director Ben Gough
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