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On railton Road
a Play

Directed by Ian Giles

Puppets Designed by Oliver Hymans

Written by Louis Rembges

Music by Sophie Crawford and Hatty Carman

Set and Prop Design Harry Stayt

Event Curator Jane Wells

Cast: Manish Gandhi, Sam Wightman, Aoife Smyth, Rhys Cook, Nicholas Marrast-Lewis, Josh-Susan Enright, Roly Botha and Dan de la Motte.

Supported by the Jerwood New Work Fund and Arts Council England, 2021


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From 1971 until Brixton was set ablaze during the uprisings of 1981, Railton Road became a hub of unrestrained activist energy; a magnet for a thrillingly diverse collection of people who in one way or another wanted to turn the world upside down.

Working under the company name ‘Brixton Pansies’; Ian Giles has formed a theatre troupe of actors, writers and collaborators in order to tell the story of the Brixton gay squats on Railton Road. This initiative mirrors the lively street theatre groups that were formed by the squatters themselves; they used theatre to share their experiences and grievances with a wider public. They presented their plays at local schools, on marches and at the Oval House Theatre.  

Staged in the round within an immersive installation and presented within the heart of Brixton; On Railton Road utilises puppetry, verbatim theatre and scripted drama to bring this radical period to life and to share it with a new generation of queer people.  

Ian Giles On Railton Road. Photo: Rob Harries
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