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Written & Directed by Chris Brake
Puppet Designer/Puppeteer Oliver James Hymans
Assistant Puppeteer Joni-Rae Anderson

Scraps is about a boy made of trash who comes to life and tries to escape from his slovenly creator after seeing what a perfect family looks like in an old Hollywood film. However in the course of attempting to flee his creator's house, he discovers that the reason he exists in the first place is to keep a lonely old man company, and that maybe the family he is looking for is right under his nose.

Oliver designed and puppeteered the puppet 'Scraps' in this short film. The puppet has been designed to include three different mechanisms: blinking eyes, frowning brows and articulated fingers/hands. 

Scraps is currently being entered into short film festivals in 2018. The film was produced at the London Film School. 

Behind the scenes film...

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