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Set, Costume & Puppet Designer Oliver Hymans
Director/Writer Mia Jerome
Lighting Designer Joshie Harriette
Composer Cal-I Jonel 
Sound Design & Music Production Fez
Cast: Elliot Liburd & Maya Manuel
Photos by Alex Harvey Brown

A Goblin, Blouse & Skirt, Little Angel Theatre & Mercury Theatre Co-Production

When Belle is feeling down she slips into her grandfather’s basement and discovers his old dusty instruments. But far from being junk, The Instrumentals are pure funk, and they teach Belle to ‘get down’ in a whole new way.

Bursting to life with brilliant puppetry and bold music, the Instrumentals is full of love and laughter, about the memories we hold and how we celebrate life. This is a show for all children with characters, story & inspiration from the African-Caribbean diaspora. It’s full of uplifting original music with soulful sounds and seventies grooves.

Combined with innovative puppetry and lots of comedy, this fun musical journey will have audiences dancing in the aisles!

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