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To Moscow

Directed, designed and performed by Oliver James Hymans

Presented at various venues:.

   Nolia's Gallery, 2006

  The Black Box Theatre, Central Saint Martins, 2006

  Camden People's Theatre, Festival of Contemporary Performance, 2006. 


An experimental piece of visual theatre developed whilst on the Scenography Masters degree at Central St. Martins. The performance incorporated an interactive projection screen, puppetry and a physical performance style.

Inspired by the visual and comedic aesthetics of the silent movie era, To Moscow invites audiences on a fantastical journey into an imagined lost world of Eastern European mysticism and legend. Performed by Oliver James Hymans, the slapstick humour of Chaplin, Keaton and other silent movie greats is re-created using a pre-filmed double of the performer himself, who he battles with on the interactive projection in order to win the centre stage.

Click below for images from each production:

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